Employability Resources

Pathways Horowhenua are committed that young people in Horowhenua have a high level of work readiness. The 'Employability Resources' page showcases all of the information young people need to upskill themselves the big wide world of work.


If you are interested in up-skilling in one of the following areas, please book an appointment with our team by clicking here!

Stuck trying to create a CV or have no idea what a CV is? Visit this page to learn how to create a CV, that will help you get a job!

Cover Letters are designed to give the employer an understanding of why you want and are suited for the job. Click here to learn about how to create a cover letter that will WOW your employer and get you through to the next stage!


Are you nervous about a upcoming interview and want to get some tips to calm your nerves? Check out this page and get all the official tips and tricks!

Receiving a job offer can be exciting and it is natural to accept straight away. However, it pays to think things through first. Click this link for more information!

Leaving your job? A thoughtful resignation letter can help you maintain a positive relationship with your old employer - which is useful as you never know when you'll need their help in the future. Click this page to learn what should be featured in this letter, with some helpful tips from our team.

Are you worried about being taken advantage of in your workplace? Check this to see what your rights are!

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