Vocational Pathways

Manufactuing & Technology

From hands-on production and assembly to cutting edge research, from massive machines and busy production lines, to individual crafts of computer design, you might be working with huge lumps of metal or delicately assembling tiny component parts. You will be working withy machinery and equipment or maybe a computer. Types of careers in this pathway inlclude: Architect, Baker, Boat Builder, Electrician, Engineer, Jeweller, Surveyor, Technician...and more.

For more info visit: Youth Guarantee - Manufacturing & Technology

Construction & Infrastructure

You will be part of a well-run team that's committed to getting the job done safely and well to meet the client's specifications. You'll work indoors and outdoors. Often it'll be dusty, noisy and the hours may vary. You'll move around from site to site, working with lots of different tradespeople, contractors and clients. You'll use lots of different tools and machinery. Types of careers in this pathway include: Builder, Civil Engineer, Earthworks, Forklift Operator, Interior Designer Project Manager Surveyor, Welder...and more. For more info visit: Youth Guarantee - Construction & Infrastructure


Creative Industries

You will apply your creative skills and imagination to help people see the world differently. You will come up with new ideas or variations on existing ones. Working in this industry can often call for big picture thinking and attention to detail. You will need to be flexible, adaptable, resilent and make sure there is always a market or audence for your creations or skills. Types of careers in this pathway include: Artist, Graphic Designer, Screen Printer, Actor, Art Director, Technical Manager, Stage/Set Designer, Creative Director...and more. For more info visit: Youth Guarantee - Creative Industries

Primary Industries

​There is a huge range and diversity of jobs from hands-on to science or business roles and a lot of opportunities to learn new skills. You can work outdoors or indoors, alone or with others. You could be in a processing plant, a farm, in an office, a science lab, or marketing. You will contribute to New Zealand's largest sector, biggest network of employers and largest export industry. Types of careers in this pathway include: Biochemist, Farm worker, Fishery Officer, Food technologist, Production Manager, Vet, Winemaker...and more. For more info visit: Youth Guarantee - Primary Industries

Service Industries

​Good communication and presentation skills are important. Working in teams and dealing with people means you'll need to speak and listen well to others, and relate to people from all walks of like. With skills from this sector you can work and travel the world. In these jobs you're the brand, dealing directly with people. Types of careers in this pathway include: Accountant, Army Soldier, Chef, Events Manager, Hairdresser, Journalist, Purchasing Officer, Sales Rep...and more. For more info visit: Youth Guarantee - Services Industries

Social & Community Services

This sector is all about caring for people and keeping them safe. It can be exciting, personally rewarding, physically and emotionally demanding. The range of jobs is huge, from monitoring and protecting people and property to caring for people in need. You'll be dealing with people from all ages and walks of life. There will be times when you'll find yourself in fast-changing, challenging situations, where you may have to make quick decisions under pressure. Types of careers in this pathway include: Health Services, Ambulance Office, Firefighter, Lab Technician, Midwife, Police Officer, Security Guard, Teacher...and more. For more info visit: Youth Guarantee - Social & Community Services

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